How to Drive Up Valuations Using PR

For public relations practitioners, elevating brand recognition, market perception and corporate value are instinctual. However, the vast majority of entrepreneurs are not PR experts. 


Luckily, there are some simple and methodical PR strategies that a founder looking for funding, or a CEO looking to sell or take the company public, can deploy to obtain a favorable valuation

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  • Why executive visibility is critical to success
  • Tips for creating a marketing plan for the CEO
  • The critical components of telling your story
  • How to leverage customers to show your momentum

"Great PR could add $10 million to your valuation or increase your chances of closing a round 2x, and either case is a reason to make sure you have good press. It’s much harder to get funded as a company nobody has heard of.”

– Two-time entrepreneur turned venture capitalist, Mark Suster

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