Media Training

Technology executives should be ready to respond to media inquiries and feel comfortable sharing corporate messaging--even in crisis communications situations. Sign up to learn more about our immersive media training program.

ARPR’s custom media training program, SOUNDBYTE, includes:

  1. A primer on how the media works 
  2. Media training manuals full of tips, tricks, best practices, key phrases and reporter insights
  3. Messaging review and workshop on turning an elevator pitch into a tight “soundbyte” – and then how to stay on message
  4. Crisis Q&A, including how to block-and-bridge when faced with tough reporter questions
  5. Body language and non-verbal technique training
  6. TV, podcast and phone interview practice and instant audio/video playback



“ARPR's media training gave me tools that I have already been using in media opportunities. At the training we role-played a camera interview where I discovered some distracting behaviors, and we also practiced how to respond to a question that could lead to a controversial topic. Thanks to the ARPR training, I feel like I am more equipped to handle upcoming media events, including a podcast I am set to record later this month!”

Wendy Walker, Solution Principal at Sovos

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